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Why the rest of the world would do well to look at the sustainability challenges of living in the desert.

“man walking on desert with camel” by Federico Gutierrez on Unsplash

When I speak with sustainability professionals outside of the UAE, many chuckle at the idea of the UAE trying to be sustainable.

How can country dependent on oil exports be “sustainable”?

How can country with no natural water resources be “sustainable”?

How can a place in the desert be “sustainable”?

It’s all about the customers.

Not all tech companies have the same customers — and that really matters. by rawpixel

In business strategy, one of the key components is the Theory of the Business: What is the purpose of the business? Who are its customers? How does it make money?

Often, companies answer these questions publicly in downright flippant fashion.

But these questions do have…

John Katsos

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